Mechanical engineering


Designing is the initial phase of both the construction of new machines and the modification of existing positions. This stage begins with learning the client's expectations regarding system functionality, adapting them to the hardware and visual requirements being the contractor's standard. Extensive experience in the mechatronic industry and an ambitious engineering team ensure the implementation of an individual project based on the most reliable devices and components as well as the latest technical solutions. Both the structural and electrotechnical design guarantee safety and ergonomics.


Thanks to the internal tool shop, we make the details included in the construction of machines built on our own. We have our own machine park allowing the production of both simple and technologically advanced elements in the field of machining and welded structures. A diverse machine park enables the production of complex and precise details. We design and manufacture elements from various materials. We focus on high quality services, short delivery times and competitive prices.


Based on previously prepared documentation of machines and stations, their assembly is carried out. Attention to detail and aesthetics is our advantage. The team's experience and creativity allow us to meet the most demanding tasks. Installation precision and diligence guarantee long-term and reliable system operation.