Industrial automation - a modern way to streamline and increase production efficiency

The effective operation of the factory nowadays requires the maximum use of unmanned machines, robotic stations and production lines fully integrated with internal IT networks. Thanks to modern industrial automation, we can reduce the service by the operator and the human contribution to the continuity of production to the necessary minimum. Vision control systems, network status analysis, monitoring of physical and electrical parameters as well as advanced PLCs with support for safety circuits make our solutions reliable and meet the ever higher health and safety requirements. Industrial automation allows us to maximize the improvement, optimization and robotization of production processes through appropriate design, assembly and installation. Everything is adapted to the prevailing conditions and plant requirements. In order to be sure that this goal will be met, we recommend everyone to cooperate with our company. Industrial automation has no secrets for us, thanks to which we are able to meet even the greatest requirements, easily adapting to the conditions in which we provide our services.

Main benefits of adopting industrial automation systems

We create modern industrial automation systems. We operate in such a way that this process enables customers to use machines characterized by reliable operation, the ability to produce as many specific products as possible and at the same time control their quality. In practice, this means that human control becomes more and more unnecessary, and thus - human resources in a given enterprise can be managed in a different way. Properly programmed processes are more efficient, accurate and reliable than the work of operators and eliminate human error from the process. In addition, in conditions that are dangerous and harmful to humans, his work can be replaced by an automated work station. Thanks to industrial automation , not only the production department gains, but also other employees that require support for their functioning, thanks to which new jobs and new competences are created.

We build machines, assembly stations and production lines. We provide comprehensive services: from conceptual work through construction design, production of details, mechanical and electrical assembly, programming, commissioning, and ending with the installation of the finished product at the customer's premises. We specialize in creating and modifying machines that require unusual and unconventional solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the application.

We are implementing a project entitled Development of a machine for ultra-fast cutting of closed profiles - Ultra Fast Flying Cut (UFFC)

The aim of the project is to develop a technology for the production of machines for automatic ultrafast machine cutting of thin-walled closed profiles. The result of the project will be a device for automatic, ultra-fast cutting and storage of thin-walled closed profiles with various cross-sections, in particular round, oval, flattened or rectangular, and with different preset working length.
Project value: PLN 8 134 898.75
Contribution of European funds: PLN 6 117 541.50